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Debit Card 1:

4943 1023 1805 5031

CVV2/CVC2: 406

Date: Abr(4)-2017


Debit Card 2:

4943 1004 5238 1668

CVV2/CVC2: 975

Date: Abr(4)-2018


Debit Card 3:

4943 1023 2788 2615

CVV2/CVC2: 319

Date: Nov(11)-2016


Debit Card 4:

4943 1017 4828 5978

CVV2/CVC2: 163

Date: Ene(1)-2017


Debit Card 5:

4943 1069 7891 2233

CVV2/CVC2: 181

Date: May(5)-2017


Debit Card 6:

4943 1087 3615 1419

CVV2/CVC2: 406

Date: Mar(3)-2016


What is a debit card?

A debit card is a way to pay things.
When you open a courrent account or checking account your bank or credit union gives you a debit card.
sometimes there are no charges for use a debit card.
In other times you will have to pay a charge for use.

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